“We are a family from Toronto, and we are thrilled to see ourselves on the webcam! The view is breathtaking, and we'd like to go back again! Thanks Greg Turner for the amazing tour and explanation of the life in the shoreline! Plankton, Periwinkles, and Predators is an excellent tour, and we recommend everyone to try it. You won't regret it!” 
- The Lam Family

“Dear Greg, we are back home and so happy about all the adventures and experiences we had in Nova Scotia. You are part of the really intensive moments we had to learn about the nature and experience it "face to face". We are really happy to have spent time with you on the coast and learn so much.”
 - Nordic Family Travel Bloggers

"Greg, thanks so very much for your tour of the seashore on May 9, 2015... Your passion to enlighten, share, and provide a hands on interactive tour has made my first experiences in Nova Scotia truly memorable!! You've brought new meaning to the seashore for me!! I look forward to touring with you again in the future; best wishes for a great 2015. To fellow travellers, add GAEL Tours to your wish list when visiting NS; be sure to make time to participate, and I promise you'll be delighted it was added to your to do list :). Happy travelling...."
- Bev Sharpe, Paradise, NL

Stones, Steeples, Ships and Seafood tour.

“Digby is a small community that is enriched by its history; you do not realize how deep it goes until you go on this walk. The combination of hundreds of years of history and learning about the fishing fleet helped us understand this area much better- Yes! The seafood was delicious.”
- Brenda, Ontario